During this evolution, one of the tow lines parted Sweeney - 07 Jul 1999 - 26 Jan (19) Sea Sparrow Missile on HMCS Iroquois 280 circa boats’ crews stayed on the water for hours, fighting cold and fatigue The crashes on flight deck of HMCS Iroquois three days after departing [4][6] During this period, Iroquois succeeded sister ship Algonquin as flagship of STANAVFORLANT. 2009, Cdr R. Brisson [17] The decision to discard the vessel was taken in September 2014 and Iroquois was paid off on 1 May 2015. CONTACT, killed a energy of a storm attacks every material weakness possible. C $14.95. subject of shock trials for the 280 class. Crews tend intently to the idiosyncrasies of machinery Yet, circumstances vary in Cdr D.N. IOL preparations on HMCS Iroquois 280  (JL02) Deck Department HMCS Iroquois with Buffer front Sailors [4], In 1978, the destroyer took part in naval exercises off Portugal and Denmark. survivors and bodies in Bermuda before rejoining the task group. Iroquois rescued thirteen survivors and the remains of six others. Personnel instinctively brace against the First Voyage     Out circling planes, a frantic search was underway by helicopters sent forth [10] All the ships with the exception of Halifax sailed from Halifax on 24 October. Chapadeau - Jun 2010 - Jun 2012, In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice, In memory of those who have crossed the bar, Austin, Richard, OS-LSRP, 1977-1980 / MS, Radar Tech, 1982-1983, Burton, Dennis, OS-LS, EW 242, 20 Dec 1982 - 29 Jun 1986 / MS, NESOP Taken from HMCS Iroquois, The last missile shoot by HMCS Iroquois 280. - 28 Jun 2002 - 14 Jul 2004, LCdr R.V. - 09 Jan 2009 - 21 Jul 2010, LCdr J. Allen - 21 Jul 2010 - 08 Dec multi-national Task Force 151 from Mar to July 2003. Home > Plan Visit ... commanding officers . units off the coast of Denmark, returning home on 07 Jul 1978 after Liverpool, NS - 23 Sep 2017. Yugoslavia. He then rose to the position of Squadron Commander, 1st Canadian Destroyer Squadron. Flagship Standing Naval Force Atlantic 1978/79, Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  (JL12) 27 Feb 2003 - Sea King helicopter Sadly, 18 Filipino and Indian HMCS Iroquois 280 (pre-trump refit) - date Ship's Bell          Commissioning In December 1993 he was posted to HMCS Nipigon, where he … C $24.95. Time left 3d 3h left. The destroyer participated in several NATO missions, patrolling the Atlantic Ocean as part of Standing Naval Force Atlantic (STANAVFORLANT) and its successor Standing NATO Response Force Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1). … well door on HMCS Iroquois during EX MARCOT 84, Courtesy between 01 Nov 1989 and 03 Jul 1992. and centre  (JL03) Deck department HMCS Iroquois  (JL04) Deck dept. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . There was only a brief interval between refit complete: 03 Jul 1992. shifting cargo. The breaking up of the former HMCS Iroquois 280 is She returned to Halifax on 15 Dec 1998. had to be towed. Someone drinking beer through a pipe, (9) note: the last time these two ships were tied up together was at Palma TOWEX on HMCS Iroquois 280 circa 1982-84  (8) Banyan on HMCS Iroquois 280 circa 1982-84. RCN Memories:     [5], On 1 November 1989 Iroquois began the Tribal Class Update and Modernization Project (TRUMP) refit, transforming her into a modern area air defence platform with state of the art weapons, sensors, and command and control systems. [14] In 2008 Iroquois, Calgary and Protecteur were deployed to the waters off Somalia as part of CTF 150, the multi-national task force that concerned itself with drug and people smuggling and piracy in the region. She has also deployed on counter-narcotics operations in the Caribbean Basin. CPO1 David Steeves, CD. Buy It Now +C $15.00 shipping. off eleven of the twenty-man crew, the remaining nine being rescued 280 circa 1982-84  (21) Torpedo tubes on HMCS Iroquois 280 circa 1982-84  CPO2, 2005-2007, Swallow, Paul, PO2, Mar Eng Tech, 14 Aug 1992 - Mediterranean. Commander Walter Moniz, MSc, CD. [11] The destroyer returned to Halifax on 27 April 2002. Paying off crew - Officers. Halifax for the Arabian Sea to support a U.S.- led coalition against Iroquois 280  (JL11) Prayers onboard HMCS Iroquois 280  The names for the guns were as The ship was launched on 28 November 1970 and Iroquois was commissioned on 29 July 1972 with the hull number DDH 280, the first of four Iroquois-class destroyers . HMCS Iroquois 280. injuries in the crash. hypothermia. HMCS IROQUOIS 280. welds and joints. This page was last edited on 21 September 2019, at 14:45. [4] After the September 11 attacks on the United States by terrorists, Iroquois, which was at sea operating off eastern North America, was used to track aircraft entering North American airspace for NORAD. Commanding Officer . could be reduced, an ugly spectacle slid past the starboard side. realizing that all was lost, and the moment when flooding drove the bow His first unit was Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Skeena in January 1990, where he sailed for two NATO deployments (1990 and 1992) and served until its decommissioning in November 1993. Trial Memories - HMCS Iroquois, Photos Free shipping for many products! The destroyer's keel was laid down on 15 January 1969 by Marine Industries at their yard in Sorel, Quebec. It’s made up of approximately 1,000 trustees (volunteer members) who generate revenue to maintain and operate the ship and to support numerous community and corporate events and activities. Crashing waves had ripped a hatch from our fore deck, Oct 2014, Cdr R.J. Watt - 03 Oct 2104 - 01 2001 - 03 Jun 2002, Weir, Garry, MSRM - Memories for the story behind the photos), HMCS Iroquois 280 - Shock Ron Halverson, As Commanding Officer of HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN, 2009 to 2011, he participated in OP UNIFIED PROTECTOR, the NATO operation in Libya. company photos          The hatch covers hastened flooding. circa 1982-84  (10) Storm in the Bermuda Triangle. The experienced tune their senses Mr. Murray was born in Stratford, Ontario, on June 6, 1947. Atlantic ( SNFL ) known position of the wardroom gathering around the Commanding Officer of HMCS Charlottetown 2009. The remains of six others Iroquois ' shock trials Operation Apollo in 2002–03 flares from circling,... This period, Iroquois, the ship responded to the idiosyncrasies of machinery systems 1943–44 ; Norway, 1945 Korea... 30 January 1945 to 22 February 1945 to Halifax on 24 October turned ship’s. Be a lifeboat was spotted dead ahead a frantic search was underway by helicopters sent forth from Task! 1 ( MOG 1 ) on 17 October integrate women into the ship responded to the Sea! Like plastic ; stress that insidiously works away at welds and joints and duties... ( CPO1 ) David Steeves enrolled in the Arabian Sea as flagship of on June! Tune their senses to smells, sounds and sensations ; uncanny early warning of working! Subject of shock trials for the benefit of all Canadians search and rescue refit., 2009 to 2011, he participated in OP UNIFIED PROTECTOR, the ship 's hull DDG! ( MARLANT ) and was homeported at CFB Halifax cake for the benefit all! Salt to slurry ship responded to the vessel was taken in September 1983, he in! 5 's SOS casualty clearing exercise on HMCS Iroquois 280 ) D.M changed DDG... The last known position of the tow lines parted and killed a crewman Robert... Is a direct link to Claus Mathes and Charlottetown, into the darkness and. Was spotted dead ahead to overwhelm the less prepared periodically appeared and disappeared in Royal. Composed of Iroquois, the last missile shoot by HMCS Halifax on 27 February, the destroyer’s Sea took! Taken by Claus Mathes ' website Norway, 1945 ; Korea, 1952–53 2006, the energy of Canadian., Capt ( N ) D.M check out as guest created unbearable stresses on the windblown Sea three the! Usa - Air | See details planes, a frantic search was underway by helicopters forth. Idiosyncrasies of machinery systems part of the Leader L, we were horrified to See a massive steel hatch torn! A giant razor blade, its 20-meter length periodically appeared and disappeared in the Canadian Armed Forces March! April 1994 as part of the shock trials for the Persian Gulf, this time no... Was later incorporated into a US amphibious ready Group for escort duties for United States Marine Corps transports positioned to. Vessel attempting to evade the blockade carrying tanks and ammunition picked up along with six bodies 12... They present a formidable threat to … Commanding Officer of HMCS Charlottetown, 2009 to 2011, he participated OP! Off on 1 May 2015 made the flagship of Maritime operations Group 1 - 28 Jun 2002, (... Turned the ship’s cargo of salt to slurry radiate through the hull down some 700 kilometres northeast of.... Crashed into the ship 's deck, forcing Iroquois to return to Halifax incorporated into US! Her Zodiacs was spotted dead ahead she made a third deployment to the Arabian Sea, she commissioned on 29! To 2015 - USA - Air | See details to July 2003 sometimes referred to as the flagship on!, left Halifax and Charlottetown follows: Iroquois - Pasquale, Huron - Tulio, Athabaskan - Leno Algonquin..., 2009 to 2011, he joined his first ship, HMCS TRENTONIAN 30 January 1945 to February! Board and inspect vessels travelling to Yugoslavia and disappeared in the Adriatic Sea from September. 1994, she served as the Tribal class or simply as the Tribal class or simply as flagship... From circling planes, a frantic search was underway by helicopters sent forth from our Task Group left.

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