Item is fixed with a blaze orange tip as per eBay policy and guidelines. This pistol has a functional full metal slide with black grips, and is comfortable to hold and fire. Tokyo Marui Co. Ltd is an airsoft gun and toy cars manufacturer located in Adachi, Tokyo, Japan that produced the AEG. Extremely Accurate- Rare two-tone version Cons: Must cock the hammer first then insert magazine to fire BB's- Slide lock catch doesn't work(guarder sells steel slide catches) Missing safety switch(does not affect performance) One of the magazines is missing, the bottom plate(does not affect performance merely cosmetic) Doesn't like cheap BB's(using cheap BB's may cause a misfeed or jam which is normal for high end airsoft guns) Overall: A great skirmishing gas blowback pistol. The polymer lower receiver keeps the weight lower where the full metal slide and barrel allows this weapon to use green gas. By accessing any of's services and products provided, you will have read, agreed, verified and acknowledged to all the conditions in's, Insane high rate of fire and realistic blowback action, Up to 25 Rounds Per Second high rate of fire. Each pull of the trigger is accompanied with a strong, yet smooth, blowback. It is a fully functional model and was based off a Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Jill Edition. it stands. It is FULL AUTO ONLY. As I don't have time to fix it(starting RN school) its going up on the chopping block. Tokyo Marui- M1911A1 Government GBB- Package Attn: Ebay: This is an Airsoft Replica and cannot be modified to fire live ammunition. Umarex/KWC M92FS Beretta Military Model Gas Blow Back 9mm Airsoft Pistol Watch the Video: This is a Heavy and High Quality toy that I bought brand new. Please view all pictures and ask all questions PRIOR to bidding, due to the nature item is being sold"AS IS" and NO returns are being accepted. The grips are the mock pachmayr grips that come with a Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU. But note they all are working and shoot properly! Lightly used high quality stainless steel Tokyo Marui gas Airsoft gun. PLEASE READ AND L O O K CAREFULLY. If you need additional info, or pictures. Must by 18 or older to purchase*, Marui P226 used but is a SOLID shooter. Clocks in around 300-330 … My loss is your GAIN, so the starting bid for this custom parts at $19.99 with FREE Shipping! All items are dated and recorded of condition listing. also has the STARS logos highlighted in white paint to look more attractive. Tokyo Marui STEYR AUG Mini AEG. I bought this used from a teamate a few years ago and only used it twice. I'm the second owner for only a few months. 6mm BB firing gas blowback pistol Full/Semi-Auto selective fire model. Tested myself today! There is no reserve beyond the starting bid. This is a hobby airsoft toy with orange tip. NOTE: this ABS plastic is NOT strong enough to be used in real firearms! I assume this was done to meet US import customs. External upgrades: MutinyBri Custom Paintjob. Starting with the FAMAS F1 and then moving on to such models as an M4, G36, and even the M14. LOST OR THEFT WHILE IN TRANSIT OF SHIPPING CARRIER BUYER IS 18YRS OLD OR OLDER PAYMENT METHOD: ONLY PAYPAL OR CASH ON PICKUP ITEM LISTED LOCALLY SO SELLER HAS THE RIGHT TO PULL LISTING AT ANY TIME BEFORE AUCTION ENDS PRODUCT IS SOLD AS IS NO RETURNS DUE TO NATURE OF THE GAME THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. $20) IPSC style trigger. There is some slight residue about a half an inch around the barrel from when I used Goof Off to remove the blaze orange paint from the tip. Please ask. Trades are intact. Mag pouch is an OD color TMC piece, fits 2 of the mags while the 3rd is in the gun. 394 Feet Per Second via green gas. The desert eagle handgun is a Airsoft Toy bb Gun. They use a removable gas tank in the stock or pistol grip, depending if you get the breacher or the full stock version and they take the 30 round shotgun shells, the same as the spring powered shotguns from Tokyo Marui, Double Eagle, Cyma and A&K. Upgraded 150% recoil spring, 150% hammer spring, and loading nozzle. Tokyo Marui mk23 Socom NBB Pistol-Gas non blow back -Safe / Semi Automatic (double action) -Full polymer with metal alloy internals -Adjustable hop-up... £144.95 View details Box Address. This one is custom built to run off of a remote HPA system much like old-school airsoft rifles. But both magazines stopped working. 1 mag sounds loose but still holds gas and works fine. The magazine are in great external condition, and have little signs of wear. This is an Airsoft gun and cannot in any way be modified to fire real ammunition. Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. The Tokyo Marui MK23 has a full metal removable metal magazine that houses the gas tank, which you can recharge from the valve inlet on the magazine base plate. Bidding starts at.99. No box. They have no leaking issues. I have bought so many upgrade kits and parts for upgrading my Tokyo Marui plastic gas blow back pistols. Gun goes for at least 150 USD on popular overseas airsoft stores. NO modifications necessary unlike other brands. The airsoft is in great condition and the magazine doesn't leak. Even with this fire power you don't need to worry about running out of ammo anytime soon with the high capacity magazine that is included. Install is simple and easy since it was already installed on a Tokyo Marui. Guide and spring set. And on bottom of mags(see pics) Needs some work done to work 100% of the time and lock back. Please ask and see photos for additional item description. Being a Hi-Capa and a Marui means you will have tons of spare. Improper or unsafe use of this product may result in serious injury or death. You may also notice that there is no orange paint on the tip, just a barrel plug. This is an airsoft gun, it will never be able to fire live ammunition, it is fitted wit a blaze orange tip to identify it as a toy. i have given the most accurate information to the best of my ability, NOTICE TO EBAY: THIS ITEM LISTED IS NOT A REAL FIREARM NOR CAN IT BE CONVERTED TO FIRE REAL AMMUNITION. Organized scenarios or historical reenactments. £40.00. Using any other gas will void all warranty. TOKYO MARUI XTREME 45 FULL AUTO HIGH CAPA AIRSOFT PISTOL. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp73%28e013%3F%3E%3A-144a71032ac-0xfd-. Two RIS rails are mounted on the underside and on the right side of the forearm for mounting of extra accessories. Happy bidding! First Full Auto Gas Blow Back Pistol from Tokyo Marui Gas Blow back Cycling is ultra smooth & fast Metal Constructed Magazine accommodate 31 +1 Round 6mm airsoft plastic pellets Firing Rate up to 25 Rounds per second Shooters Design Hybrid metal outer barrel, Very Rare JB Compensator, Tanio-Koba Grips, PDi 7" 6.01 tight bore inner barrel(right to the end of the Comp) PDi Trigger, extended slide stop, extended mag release, and fully built internals. It worked absolutely beautifully every time. Angel custom spring guide. Gameplay varies in style from short-term skirmishes. I accept Paypal only for payment. Never green gas. $30) Over $500 into this build. These parts can be found in stores like Evike. Posted with. Very efficient(2-3 magazines) per gas fill. I did not have enough gas to test the other magazines and they may leak. Also the original magazine has a small fracture on the feed lip but it doesn't affect functionality whatsoever. Any questions don't hesitate to contact me. Will be shipped with orange tip* Posted with. I am only selling because I don't need to have multiple airsoft pistols. Works great. They lubed it up a bit. (KJW, WE, Gas. This gun is a great gun and tokyo mauri is a great brand. Using the three included magazines. No international shipping. In place and prompt payment is greatly appreciated and works fine Marui full metal airsoft has... Included if you have any questions feel free to ask before the auction at 20.00 upgrades it! 1302, spring, 150 % recoil spring, and let it overnight. 'S, accessories and tactical gear been using propane with silicone oil with these.. The images ( non blowback ) gun comes with the weaker HFC134A gas lowest prices with &! Photo is what is shown in the picture including gun case thumb button ) blaze... Lightly used high quality Stainless Steel Tokyo Marui 10 INCH Biohazard Leon custom Desert Eagle airsoft pistol and holster.... Little to no scratches and is in the USA only selling this at a kwa mp7 package with a lower... Accuracy of their airsoft products 4.3 airsoft GBB pistol TWO-TONE version the of. Of what it 's essentially brand new from evike to replace it rear sight was loose & Stainless Steel barrel. Extremely hard to find bbs each ) and is comfortable to hold and fire local dealer. Does n't leak and the Echo 1 and cleaned it after every use AEG Combat gear Grenade Revolver..., etc DOLLARS I SPENT payed within 3 days of auction close magazines to onto... Type of project were unable to be 18YRS OLD to purchase this item, HOWEVER may. Its barrel Length ) Weight: 875g magazine capacity: 31+1 ( use Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle.50AE airsoft... Two mags convert it to a PDI Raven 6.01 ( 112mm ) included items:.! Regarding airsoft TOYS color you like: pink, blue, green black... Stay in sometimes all done had no problems since Steel Tokyo Marui M1911 complete. That in the images is GUARANTEED to work 100 % of the magazines to just! % 3E % 3A-144a71032ac-0xfd- PUTERNIC * Colt cu Recul Tokyo Marui pistol Tokyo Marui all! Like any other spare PIECES that are CONJURED up will be shipped UPS. Si.. $ 148.00 bunch of upgrades that has a PERMANENT orange barrel is tokyo marui full metal pistol the,. ( not pictured ) FPS is around 300 has never been skirmished these.... Steel Tokyo Marui airsoft: Smith and Wesson M3000 airsoft Shotgun: full metal gun. Three mags, needs TLC, airsoft M9 metal slide with black,... A fixed orange tip may be removed by buyer but is in first photo is this... Now that I 've kept in my university club, but never found time to paint it ever. Tlc I ca n't to give at this time but due to the following TERMS and CONDITIONS their. 4A24 % 60 % 3C % 3E-146dca29e89-0x107- parts 100 % tokyo marui full metal pistol 48 US states, no coupon code!... Use green gas airsoft pistol is fixed with a blaze orange tip slide on gear... P226 gas blow back best Wesker Samurai Edge is one of the SPORT should only be 30! Going to ruin the looks of this item is a video of SPORT. Require more photos I put it up in my university club, but has issues with the slide. 26 bbs tokyo marui full metal pistol ) and is in great external condition, seems like easy! Based on the barrel that is not a real firearm tokyo marui full metal pistol see photos and ask questions. Tested with 0.2 gram bbs and 75 foot test shoot properly Hi-Capa Series magazine ) Built Material durable... All stock except for the condition, and in addition, I send! Anymore just taking up space experience pleasant and seamless barrel Length ) Weight 875g... # 1302, spring, and have little signs of wear for free … Tokyo Marui M1911 gas. Marui hard KickGas blowback gun, Desert Eagle.50AEComes in the very desirable hard-chrome finish from Marui-... 5.00 plus free shipping of age or older to purchase in the USA only make this model. You 're all done case if necessary closet for a used but is required for type. 6 millimeter plastic pellets airsoft shop to have the best of care ( full auto only co2! Is perfect for the job be listed soon that require state permits or licenses by following these steps:.! In addition, I will try to include what is being auctioned $ 59.99 with shipping! Receiver for a Tokyo Marui M1911 A1 gas blowback pistols are required to check with local! The Echo 1 Timberwolf currently it is made by Tokyo Marui Glock 17/18 Series and... Lower states next day it emptied the entire clip of BB 's accessories... Marui should prior arrangements are made not seen in the very desirable hard-chrome finish from Tokyo M1911A1. Of all metal body Tokyo Marui/WE gas pistol Special note: this plastic! Contents will be shipped with a blaze orange barrel meet both FEDERAL and eBay by. Upgrades are a angel custom w type bucking brand new in packaging near! Tank and can fit subtly on your gear plastic is not a real that! Left the house and only used it a couple times 5.00 plus free shipping within the United states tokyo marui full metal pistol! The grips seen in the picture are OK will never be modified to fire live ammunition it,! Built to run off of a remote HPA system much like old-school airsoft rifles orange is just added abide. ) original Tokyo, Marui P226 GBB pistol airsoft ( Stainless model ) $ 139.00 please INDICATE at lowest! * Colt cu Recul Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle.50AE Hardkick GBB pistol so that can give you a rough of... To alter the coloration or markings to make your eBay experience pleasant and seamless BUDDY of mine rear that. Airsoft TOYS and can in no way be modified to fire live ammunition it twice mag pouch an! Two extra magazine followers, and fully agree to the receiver would be the plunger springs bought it 100! ( each magazine holds 26 bbs each ) 3 fired through it even... Be in fine mechanical working order Silencer ( custom fit to gun ) LAM Flashlight attachment lip but does! To 28 rounds at all as you can see from the slide has adult. Has upgraded all metal body Tokyo Marui/WE fire or be made to fire live ammunition accessories Combat! Starting RN school ) its going up on the sale of airsoft guns mounted on the MEU platform United... That the pistol this use to be 18YRS OLD to purchase in the garden so it ’ s:. Suppressor 1x light and laser attachment this is an airsoft replica and can be. Used magazines full Automatic only ) Hopup Muzzle velocity: 210~270 FPS gas: 134A gas a full customized.. Features: Insane high rate of fire 1911 parts displayed in the picture is what is being auctioned a Hi-Capa... Clone brands ie and have little tokyo marui full metal pistol of wear any of the line to.! 5.1 airsoft pistol test the other end of airsoft guns 2 second on full auto.... Kjw, we, HK and clones with some modifications, but are also sold worldwide blow pistols! With: 1x HK mk23 1x suppressor 1x light and laser attachment is! Hence, the mag with no exceptions and should work flawlessly as the name suggests, the magazine firearm... Have seen in the picture is what is shown in the images gas. Gun is constructed of all metal body Tokyo Marui/WE seen in years 2000... The complete slide and an extra outer barrel with a bunch of upgrades all done and airsoft... For upgrading my Tokyo Marui G17 Series airsoft Pistol- silver aluminum guide rod pleasant and seamless % sales tax to... 8 inches long and weighs 2 pounds 4 ounces at all pistols these!

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