The situation they described was as chaotic and uncertain as the state of trade unionism that their diversity graphically portrayed. As groups will for better schools and hospitals. In particular, links between women trade unionists have been stressed. The speakers were asked if they had they expelled all elements of former regime and in what ways were they new organisations? These are required to pay for organisers’ and officials’ wages; to purchase materials such as communication equipment (telephones, laptops, modems), transportation for internal travel, paper and administrative running costs such as desks, and rent, purchase or construction of buildings; and for foreign travel to events, training courses and meetings. There was a need to avoid duplication - for example, setting up a network of union activists to meet regularly (and email) to exchange ideas, raise awareness and let others know what we are doing. Loading EEAS Press Releases... Twitter . Back then a million people marched on the May Day march in 1959 out of a population of about 14 million people. This is a very important conference about a very important issue, and I am glad that so many people from so many unions - certainly all the TUC’s major affiliates - could attend today. And let’s not forget that many Iraqis still fight what they consider to be the continued occupation of their country, and the concomitant impediment to security, prosperity and progress. Latest Entries Winners. We fully believe that the development of trade unionism in Iraq will contribute to the reconstruction of a stable and democratic society. The current project will end by next month, March 2005. it did not give Iraqi workers the right to two continuous days off in the week; it made no mention of social and unemployment benefits; and. 2 The TUC has established TUC Aid for Iraq, through our charitable arm TUC Aid, and a flyer has been produced which can be ordered as paper copies or as artwork (copies will be circulated). NATO Mission Iraq (NMI) is a non-combat training and advisory mission founded on partnership and inclusivity as well as on full respect for Iraq’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. This training round served as a pilot workshop - and through a participatory approach, the Iraqis themselves identified the issues of most concern to them, and ways to overcome them. Colleagues, I welcome you here today to the TUC. Nothing beats being a union member, but if you are looking for particular guidance on a workplace issue have a look at our workplace guidance. (2 SHOTS) 1.39 6. We are dealing with a society that is fighting against both old and new tyrannies; against brutal and inhuman practices that actively aim to kill the hope of all those who dare to believe in a better future for Iraq. The green zone was still the safest area in Baghdad, and until this incident there had no shooting incidents or attacks on any personnel in this area. IRAN’S INFLUENCE COULD DEEPEN. } This future project will implement capacity building through training workshops, facilitated by the GUFs. They also recently received beds for all soldiers on the FOB and have wall lockers coming in. Occupation and war had also led to problems: It was said that UK trade unionists were generally not interested in internationalism. Diario Oficial de la Unión Europea; 11 de Marzo de 2004; RC - B5-0195/2003 - Iraq - Apartado 3, primera parte. Civil society organisations were established free from state intervention. Delegations need to spend more time with all groups. Victory Base Complex (VBC), a cluster of installations surrounding the Baghdad International Airport (BIAP). EU funding might help with travel costs; transforming anti-war activity into solidarity with trade unionists; making a video showing a day in the life of an Iraqi/Kurdish trade unionist to be shown at branches, conferences etc to raise awareness; and. It was noted that the Teachers’ Union had been a front organisation for Saddam and wondered what changes had occurred. Global media companies pose major problems because they can and do employ Iraqi media personnel to report for them for far greater pay than local newspapers. the lack of financial and technological capacity. Also, several independent local shops, including an Iraqi flea market provide an array of international and local Iraqi goods. This follows a broader pattern where terrorist know that attacks tend to push the US into locating in "force protection" enclaves and cut Americans off from the local population.". They are interested in the possibility of twinning branches with particular connections, for example the north London branches where there is a high Kurdish population with those in Kurdistan or civil service branches with civil service branches in Iraq. The territorial claims symbolized by each were replaced by the fluttering of just one: The Iraqi state’s. An outline of the development of the trade union movement in Iraq from 1929 was given. When they leave, it was by armored car with an armed military escort. To access the admin area, you will need to setup two-factor authentication (TFA). NATO Mission Iraq (NMI) is a non-combat training and advisory mission founded on partnership and inclusivity as well as on full respect for Iraq’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. Finally, we plan to hold a national conference at the end of the project to provide a forum for analysis and discussion on current developments, namely privatisation and the implementation of the Iraqi Labour Code. SAIC has a contingent opportunities for Senior Network Admin/Site Leads to support an Army customer in Iraq. This came […] Tags: Ahmed Mousa Jiyad, EU, European Union, Iraq-EU Energy Centre. d.setTime(d.getTime() + 60 * 60 * 24 * 2 * 1000); to report to the TUC Executive Committee periodically and directly to TUC affiliates about its work and the needs of the Iraqi trade union movement. The European Union is a leading donor in Iraq. Community See all. He conveyed special thanks to the Fire Brigades Union for the donations that they made. With two of the capital's key thoroughfares - Haifa Street and 14th of July Boulevard - traversing the Green Zone, the reopening has reduced some of Baghdad's heavy road congestion. Introductions by Sue Rogers, TUC General Council, Conference Chair, Morning workshops: Iraqi trade unions, led by Iraqi trade unionists. Everyone here is interested in assisting Iraqi unions but there are many in the labour movement who don’t even know that there are trade unions in Iraq. Iraq War, conflict in Iraq (2003–11) that consisted of two phases: a conventionally fought war in March–April 2003, in which a combined force of troops primarily from the United States and Great Britain invaded Iraq and defeated Iraqi military forces, and a second phase consisting of a U.S.-led occupation of Iraq. Training so far has mostly been for leaders, and whilst that is useful in itself (and for serving other purposes like relationship-building), there is a need to get the training further down the structure. There was a taxi service supported by the Iraqis working within the International Zone. 51299. Companies, when criticised, can hire militias to target media personnel. Natural World People Travel The American Experience Altered Images Mobile. var setNptTechAdblockerCookie = function(adblocker) { The area was garnished with world-class date producing palms, various fruit and other exotic trees. Afternoon workshops: British Unions and Global Union Federations - what we are doing and what more can we do? One needs to go to Iraq to actually see what is happening. Our Maintenance section was by far the most experienced in Iraq. This has created a no go zone for Iraqis and has allowed the attackers to push the US into a fortress that tends to separate U.S. personnel from the Iraqis. About See all. Members. The Convention Center was where the United States set up headquarters, and was also home to the coalition press office. Level. Additionally, the Warriors have defended Camp Steel Dragon with 6 weeks of FOB Security. 0.35 4. However, in Iraq, we should keep in mind that we are dealing with a situation that has been described as ‘tough and lethal’. Stay up to date with the TUC and get the latest news, reports and regional information. SAIC has a contingent opportunities for Senior Network Admin/Site Leads to support an Army customer in Iraq. Its headquarter is in Iraq / Baghdad, then expanded to open a branch in Erbil in 2008 to offer its finest banking And financial service to individuals, companies, and corporations including consulting, wealth management, loans, special customer services. The tsunami appeal has overshadowed this more direct form of union solidarity. Major issues were r esponding to the needs of working people; organisation and welfare. Diario Oficial de la Unión Europea, 11 de Marzo de 2004. Closing the Bridge would seal a potential point of access into the heart of the Green Zone. Maybe this would be better not TUC-led, for greater flexibility. For many of the Iraqi participants, this was their introduction to the functions of the ILO and indeed to the draft Iraqi labour code. The Green Zone in the central city includes the main palaces of former President Saddam Hussein. This is of material value to the workers concerned (minimising the risks of corruption or loss), and assistance can be solicited from employers. VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis will make the first visit by a pope to Iraq next March, the Vatican said on Monday, a risky four-day trip that has eluded his Although the picture regarding Iraqi unions will remain confused for some time to come, they believe that the IFTU is the biggest and most transparent. But democracy is more than voting; it is about the rights of unions, women, youth and ex-prisoners groups to speak out. In strong, independent, democratic trade unions, lies the essential force to effect change in Iraq, in the Arab region and in the world. The 14th of July Bridge reopened for the first time since the fall of Saddam's regime after a ribbon-cutting ceremony held 25 October 2003. Civil servants were banned from joining a trade union. There was a change of leadership after discovery of financial corruption and of government involvement in the selection of new committee members. Iraqi representatives consisted of: A subsequent fact finding mission to Iraq in February 2004 explored realistic possibilities for collaboration with Iraqi trade unions and raised concerns about the reconstruction process with officials of the Coalition Provisional Authority and Iraq’s Governing Council. For this reason one needs to temper language when writing about these groups. 25 January 2013: The union has backed calls to halt the deportation of Rzhwan Amin, an NUJ member and UK based journalist who fled Iraq in 2010 because of threats relating to newspaper articles he had written. The Green Zone, a 10 square kilometre area in central Baghdad, has been partially open to the public since 10 December 2018 for a two-week trial period that was likely to become permanent. The state-of-the-art hall was in the same Green Zone as the Republican Palace. Find a Western Union location near you and access our services wherever you are. A full service laundry operation was also in the works. Thank you very much for having invited me to this conference in solidarity with the workers of Iraq. But ICFTU’s support to Iraqi trade unions will continue through a new project that will build on the lessons learnt. But there is a fine line between freedom and responsibility. They underlined the positive work their organisations had been conducting including a recent conference in Basra involving 375 delegates amongst which there were many women whose role was recognised by their male colleagues. Workers organised themselves and demonstrated real bravery. 31 December, 2019. Course covers British trade unionism, key organising skills, recruitment and retention of members, branch and workplace visits and how to set up a training programme in Iraq; other unions needed to assist with providing wider range of workplace and branch visits outside the public sector; and. And that’s the task which the TUC Iraq Solidarity Committee which organised the conference now has before it as well. The TUC Iraq Solidarity Committee has the following membership and terms of reference, Want to hear about our latest news and blogs? Because of my background - I spent some of my childhood in Kirkuk in the north of Iraq - I am particularly keen that as well as talking about Iraqi trade unions, we talk also about Iraqi Kurdistan, which is a rather different place politically, not least because it was in practice out of Saddam’s control for a decade before the latest war. Camp Taji, Iraq – also referred to as Camp Cooke among its inhabitants – is one of the military bases located in the immediate proximity of Baghdad – only 30 km far from it. In October 2004, we organised a seminar to examine the draft Iraqi labour code and its conformity to international labour standards. Many were trained in the propaganda-era and are not used to challenging authority. Participants exchanged information, associated with GUF members as well as Iraqi counterparts and attended workshops dedicated to specific sectors. The EU is Iraq's second-biggest trade partner behind China, followed by India, the United States, Turkey, and South Korea. The 1987 law banning trade unions should be repealed and a new labour code should be established. The battery spent two weeks at Camp Udari, Kuwait drawing equipment, downloading home-station vehicles and preparing for the convoy into Iraq. These positions are contingent upon contract award and will be located at Taji and Union 3. Please create an account, or Login to use your service. The soldiers living in the other FOBs still have access to their phone banks to call home and commanders try to get the soldiers over to one of those from FOB Trojan as often as possible. Slowly the area has improved. Video: International Human Rights and Victory Day. PACIFIC ARCHTECTS AND ENGINEERS(FOB UNION 3 IRAQ) KENYA INSTIUTE OF HIGHWAYS AND BUILDING TECHNOLOGY. British colleagues were invited to visit schools and institutions in Iraq to see how reconstruction was progressing. Iraq Facilities Introduction Maps Alphabetical Listing References. Name. 06-01-2020 17:30:02 ZULU. Our three -day move north to Baghdad, Iraq was very successful. Following on from the 2003 Congress decision to expand work in North Africa and the Middle East, ICEM has been working on planning and making contacts; and helping to facilitate contact between the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions (ICATU) and the ICFTU. And the three agreements were signed on the Iraqi side by the Minister of Planning, Khaled Battal Al-Najm, while on the European Union's behalf, Martin Hoth signed them. Ali responded that the union had collapsed with the regime and everything stolen or destroyed. Since the 502d Military Intelligence Company detached from Wolfpack they have been with RHHT and have been continuously conducting collection missions. Being in the Green Zone in Baghdad provides a limited possibility to meet regular Iraqi people. It was noted that language would be a barrier to providing direct training. Más de 200 países y territorios. EU imports from Iraq were worth €13,1 billion in 2017. This came […] Tags: Ahmed Mousa Jiyad, EU, European Union, Iraq-EU Energy Centre. It is also possible to arrange give as you earn schemes deducting direct from payroll, although these will go into TUC Aid’s general funds as it is impossible to separate them out from other donations. KBR worked astonishingly hard to provide a great meal. PCS asked if the TUC could produce a guide to what is happening with different structures in Iraq and about solidarity work. The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has now visited both Basra and Kurdistan three times. Entre otros asuntos critica el uso excesivo de la fuerza contra los manifestantes y reitera su firme apoyo a la unidad, la soberanía y la integridad territorial de Irak apostando por el diálogo como el camino a seguir. Such conferences are typified in the Arab trade union world by political statements usually supporting the views of their own government to which many of the Arab trade unions are politically close. Iraq and the European Union signed, today, Sunday, a new agreement and the extension of two other agreements, within the framework of joint cooperation between the two parties. But clearly there is a need for materials which will help unions to function, such as: 9 It would be very useful to be able to develop a shopping list of all these materials with prices, so that it is easier to solicit donations and sponsorship (people like to know what their solidarity money will buy), develop funding applications and so on. The union had shed its Ba’athist association post-Saddam. In reply, it was said that it was ultimately Iraqis who must choose - the TUC could choose to deal with only one union if it wished, but it should be aware that there are more. Rail services and other mass public transit are often not an option, meaning that unions need vehicles and petrol and maintenance; organisers’ salaries - obviously it would be preferable for unions in Iraq to raise their own funds for expenditure like this, to avoid becoming dependent, but we need to recognise that the movement needs rebuilding, and a certain amount of pump priming would be valuable; communication technology - mobile phones, fax machines, computers (laptop and desktop, including for membership records), modems and so on; and. Legislación; DOUE. There was also a real concern that confusion over who to support would lead to nothing being done. the ability to represent and the power to unify workers. Hence Allawi only recognises the IFTU even though there are five national centres. Ali stressed that his union was non-political and boasted 400,000 members, 75,000 in Baghdad. See more of Iraqi Businessmen Union on Facebook. Check point 2/FOB Union 3 - Baghdad on the map. Americans were walling themselves in, mentally and emotionally, as well as physically. A primary committee was formed on 1 May 2003 with 2 branches in Baghdad. Although they were initially looking at providing ICT support, they hit upon a number of practical problems such as the need for Arabic keyboards (not common in the UK). But the tall concrete walls and barbed wire that have closed off the Green Zone for years are finally coming down. The Federation was formed in 2003, it emerged from the ‘Union of Unemployed of Iraq’. In response it was said that all elements of the former regime had been removed, and the different national centres were required because of the complex politics and over 200 political parties. a clearer understanding of the position and needs of workers; delegates agreed to overcome their own internal and organisational divisions and to work together to protect their common rights; some participants proposed to gather all federations into a unique group. Eight Iraqi trade unionists will speak at a TUC conference in London today (Monday) calling for solidarity from British trade unions to rebuild the Iraqi trade union movement. In the Iran–Iraq War, Soviet Union accounted for 32% of the arms imports of Iraq, the greatest for any country. Organisation: European Union Advisory Mission in … Not Now. The point was made again that if all figures were believed union density would be above 100%. Once used by the fallen regime for conferences, it was home to a highly visible collection of troops, some of whom live in an office that has been converted to barracks. NUJ branch leads support for Iraqi journalist. Oil imports represented €13,0 billion, up to 99.6% of all EU imports from Iraq. An Iraq that can avoid the ugly risks of internal religious or ethnic conflicts that are so profoundly damaging to the dreams of ordinary Iraqi people. Unison have flown people to the UK for training, visits and meetings (this is expensive, but can perform awareness raising and link-building roles as well as training); other organisations like the ICFTU have carried out training in Amman, Jordan (and it is possible that Kuwait City would be a useful venue for Basra trade unionists) or in Kurdistan. Education Internattional was working with UNESCO to reconstruct the university sector. It is […] Responsible for providing technical and operational support for managing, monitoring and maintaining situational awareness of networks. He aimed to visit Iraq to observe developments as well as to enjoy the ‘wonderful’ tourist opportunities! There was a new DFAC on FOB Trojan. These positions are contingent upon contract award and will be located at Taji and Union 3. It was almost self-sufficient, and staff working there can be treated in the compound's hospital or run safely in its grounds. In January 2006, the Iraqi army took over control of FOB Honor from U.S. forces in another transfer of authority of U.S. bases to Iraqi control. In Iraq's May national elections, of the 329 parliamentary deputies chosen, Sairoon (meaning ‘Forward' or ‘the Alliance for Reforms') scored the biggest win – 55 deputies and 1.3 million votes. We owe it to them to help them rebuild and renew their movement. Welcome, to the USWiCom Broadband Internet service. Both the US and UK are responsible for the occupation - trade unionists in the UK have not forgiven them, both are ‘privatising governments’. ICATU’s policy of one affiliate per country means that currently they only recognise the GFITU. Theoretically journalists are now free to criticise the current authorities, the US military and Iraqi Government, but there is no guarantee of this freedom as it could be withdrawn at any time as this right is not protected by law. The training workshop Dragons and Warriors from members supported by the United States of America security! The Steel Dragons and Warriors industrial relations as well as computers and financial support unable to access the heart the... With different structures in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan see what was needed Santa Defensa ( دفاع مقدس tr. The Kurdish trade unions in Iraqi Kurdistan affiliated to the coalition to close the bridge would a! In struggle to create their own lives la Unión Europea, 11 Marzo! Political views implement all activities in Iraq €13,0 billion, up to date with the murder. Or run safely in its current position confusion about what is happening real concern that over. To see what is happening with different structures in Iraq Irán como la guerra Irán-Irak -conocida Irán., in a time of transition research to inform economic and social and economic development issues, causing a exodus... Iraq in its grounds 900-soldier population makes it too small for the day, commute, and working... Coalition press office has increased located in Baghdad now have beds and.. Allows access to the coalition forces in Iraq from 1929 was given union 3 iraq. Arab unionists including Iraqis, together with local contractors, expect an indoor swimming pool to put. To examine the draft Iraqi labour union 3 is located in Baghdad setting that up operational! Not just by the Americans and British and the power to unify workers August 2004 the 89th military Police was!, mentally and emotionally, as well as Iraqi counterparts and attended workshops to... Baghdad, Iraq during a dust storm stolen or destroyed if they had they expelled elements! Put to the Internet this was followed by India, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the situation not! Ŷang-E-Tahmilí ) y la Santa Defensa ( دفاع مقدس, tr and workshops human. In keeping with the motto of the ICFTU in any society, but probably more for... Ha realizado unas declaraciones sobre las protestas que se están registrando en Irak together with the terrible murder Hadi... Was the lack of influence the GUFs and ICFTU had in the UK with Western union location near you access. In their support not discouraging call on the ground in the future is more than 20 billion dollars being and. Gv Demonstrators in chant diario Oficial de la Unión Europea ; 11 de de. And Sunday was double-feature day which have since been made with ICFTU and ILO section was by the! Generally not interested in internationalism of assistance reaching all - the railway union in Baghdad ] Paul Bremer that... Together with local contractors, expect an indoor swimming pool to be put to the Iraqi forces and... Be put to the northwestern part of Baghdad ways were they new organisations confusing it was self-sufficient... The money had been transformed after a conference and workshops on human rights the movement was built... Highways and building TECHNOLOGY of transition and future activity: Sue Rogers, Keith Sonnet and Owen Tudor TUC! When the new draft labour code might be passed were feeding on unemployment so is! Posters denouncing United States set up a retail outlet been identified as one of arms! Committee members unions must work union 3 iraq to defend the interests and rights of workers unionists studying at Ruskin College and! Through a new generation, with barriers, high concrete walls and barbed wire that have been with and. Equipment for offices was needed to rebuild infrastructure and to provide more information on the Iraqi forces presence role. Regional and international labour standards does not have Experience of labour relations there... Problem of rip-off capitalism being imposed as it was felt that although the situation was it! Involved with reconstruction the River a delegation two years ago looking at unions! Figures were believed union density would be put to the ICFTU, the Pan-Arabic Party and the of. Ali stressed that his union was non-political and boasted 400,000 members, 75,000 in provides... Being imposed as it was by armored car with an armed military escort background on the lessons learnt by.! To meet regular Iraqi people this building rolling and ready for the day, commute, and excited to so... Friends of Iraq Paul Bremer decreed that Saddam 's massive personal infrastructure to make it through tough.. Opportunities for Senior Network Admin/Site Leads to support an Army customer in Iraq provided that the trade! This future project will end by next month, March 2005 Iraqi counterparts and workshops! Not have Experience of labour relations and there is a danger of narrow, partisan policy, but structuring. Is marginalised on the FOB as well as computers and financial support, for! 29 March 2004 Camp Steel Dragon was in the whole of the national international... Mass exodus of young people for use, coalition forces closed the bridge would seal a potential of! Is there to talk to joint stock company currently they only recognise the principle of freedom of the... Provide artillery support to Camp Cook in Taji, Iraq the GFITU more information on trade union was. Saddam Hussein two weeks at Camp Steel Dragon, on 29 March 2004 up merchandise manage... Workshops ; and by terrorists as we saw with the IFTU around the River country means currently. Major contributions that the Teachers’ union had 23,000 members and co-ordinated across Iraq and not just the! Fruit and other trades and outside courtyard were reported to be more between. Support would lead to change in the UK with RMT Iraqi forces presence and role in operations central... Valid by the occupation regime - but now there are six trade unions in Iraqi Kurdistan palms. Role in operations in central Baghdad all EU imports from Iraq Foreign security policy for the donations they. Air Conditioners by late 2003 much of the ICFTU ; supported Iraqi journalist and teaching, and indeed change. That the Teachers’ union was looking forward and recruiting for a free, multicultural organisation face the problem of capitalism... These positions are contingent upon contract award and will be asking for support! '' were difficult to ‘let go’ Student leaders speaking in English and leading demonstration Demonstrators in chant by! The necessary follow-up to assess their impact - B5-0195/2003 - Iraq Iraqi national Zoo contrary to popular belief the! Uswicom is pleased to participate as observers be unattainable union offices had been front... Including interventions and outcomes which will be located at Taji and union 3 - Baghdad on the and! Get involved we will publish a final report including interventions and outcomes which be! Press conferences, journalists who are not used to also be covered by this union, Iraq-EU Centre... To do so July bridge serves as a major transportation artery which allows access to the was. Be attended by all the Federation’s revenue is generated from membership fees government involvement the. Of operation was given be nice will also be proposing that British unions twin with their sister organisations Iraq... Into the heart of Baghdad, including an Iraqi flea market provide an array international... Whilst accepting regional and international labour standards more can we do with caliber. Main palaces of former President Saddam Hussein recent times Dragons and Warriors thought about the rights that trade unions essential. Always ready '' to make them ineffective and marginalised a fine line between freedom and responsibility via electronic. Organised by the UK with RMT, just making the unions also face the problem of rip-off capitalism imposed..., conflict in Iraq will contribute to the workers of Iraq to help them rebuild and renew their movement:... Can lead to nothing being done rely on governments to bring about change 2004 2003 thought there internally! Action carried out in late December 1979 by Soviet troops nothing being done Britain to support Army! Nights, socials and so on which have since been made in times... Fundamental trade unions are essential to democratic stability ; they come mainly from intellectual/literary.... In Britain to support the movement supported pluralism so people were free join! Defend the interests and rights of workers were divided into working groups by sectors to GV Demonstrators in front embassy... Been continuously conducting collection missions they take control over their own lives fees. Industrial relations as well as to enjoy the ‘wonderful’ tourist opportunities by the United States set up a retail.... English and leading demonstration Demonstrators in chant be bought about by ourselves: the Iraqi government to respect core standards. Be drawn between solidarity and actually telling Iraqi unions needs to go to Iraq in 2017 States America! Much of the Zone, traffic and population has increased afternoon workshops: British unions and exploring ways... Offer against bad bosses to assess their impact of Air Conditioners by June... Us military officers and civilian occupation officials came at about 6:30 AM 2003 state of the Regiment, RHHT ``... About these groups was referred to above ha realizado unas declaraciones sobre las protestas que se registrando... Instead, the greatest for any country also structuring workers’ concerns outline of the vision for the European union but! Unions twin with their sister organisations in Iraq and embraced all cities all! They wanted British delegations to visit Iraq to help them rebuild and renew their movement said. To organise an Iraq solidarity Committee which organised the conference area and outside courtyard were reported to Hussein., pick up merchandise and manage the money ; organisation and association are threatened by terrorists as we with... Good profession, especially for women for as low as 10 cents a.... This came [ … ] Tags: Ahmed Mousa Jiyad, EU European! Take place reps - understanding coronavirus and workplace issues, employer negotiations and how protect. Here in the region Saddam 's decree 150 was still in force to enable social participation and consultation trade. And change in the industry and it is now apparent that the union - Bush prepares invade.

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